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FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List


My most-intimate life in the Black ‘Movement’ of the 1960s and 1970s was overfilled with purpose and action, learning and growth, responsibility and commitment, tears and more tears….

Many many many unnamed Blacks were ‘intimately’ involved in the ‘Movement’.  This is dedicated to the memory of one such brother.

Media reports of the c.1973 death of a young brother at the hands of law enforcement in New York quickly became yesterday’s news as other stories-of-interest gripped media attention.  There is a story beyond media reports.

Mace Brown was a victim of – and a survivor of — racism up to the time of his death.  Although I only had the privilege of knowing Mace Brown briefly, he had the keys to my home as many in the ‘Movement’ did.

Brother Brown was a Black man in search of answers and solutions.  I met brother Mace Brown at one of the many conventions, conferences, or meetings I attended and/or helped organize.  And, as I often did, I gave Mace a key to my home so that he would have a place to stay whenever he found himself in DC.

Mace Brown – a Black man involved in the ‘Movement’ – was placed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List and killed by Law Enforcement c.1973 in New York.  Some rumors equated ‘Black’ Mace Brown with ‘Robin Hood’….

Although I never knew the side of Mace Brown reported in the media reports, I publicly thank him for his involvement and encouragement and ‘giving’ spirit.  The Mace Brown I knew was humble, respectful, and a brother who did what he was able to do to further the cause of righteousness as he grew.

Happy Kwanzaa and Undying love for Black people!

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3 thoughts on “FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List

  1. All Black women in this country should be Angry about the way they are treated in this country……………………..Consciousness!

  2. As far as the Black male is concerned most of them are DONE,all you need is the Fork and Knife?
    Most of the Black male population are too scared to say any thing that would up set Whitee!
    A white man can Rape a Black man’s mama in the Living room floor,and that black man won’t MOVE a muscle.

    On the other hand if you step on his Nike shoes, he will kill you,and say you Disrespected him.
    This is the (consciousness) of the Negro Black Male…………A COWARD even if it KILLS him.

    The so-called Black male has a FALSE consciousness inside his Head.

    Not to mention the white Nigger,or the male who wants to be a women.


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