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Ask Yourself: Why Aren't You Angry?

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Black and low-income senior citizen in America talks….

I am without blame for my financial status in America; in fact, I wear my status with Black dignity, Black respect, and Black amusement.

Being a Black senior citizen who is living a fixed and low-income status in America is no easy task, believe me!

Past memories of being Black and low-income and single-handedly raising three children — all of whom graduated Portland. Oregon Public Schools ‘White and racist’ Grant High as straight ‘A’ 4.0 Valedictorians — and running ‘Black’ truth, cause me to both muse and delight.

BlackParentSpeaks has never caved-in to ‘whitemail’.  I have remained true to Black resolve no matter the consequences — and ‘Yes, there have been consequences!’

My strength and overstanding, my resolve and perseverance, my successes and victories, all come from a greater power than man.  God chose and blessed me and it is to God that I earnestly try to remain faithful and true.  My Black and original ancestors prayed for me — perhaps even before my conception — and God chose me for this journey.

BlackParentSpeaks is forever grateful.  It is God who has both guided and protected me in the midst of vile and racist White hatred.  Racism is not a joke — it is cruel, ugly, and without limits.  Do White people, in fact, have a conscience? — a question posed by the late Dr. Martin Luther King just days prior to Dr. King’s 1968 death….

As I revisit several of the recordings and writings of the Black Power Movement, I think of the ‘prices’ we paid in our journey and struggles for Black righteousness and racial equity.  BlackParentSpeaks has up-close and personal memories of  the White mobs spewing racist hatred and infecting our country and God’s planet.  I think of the multiple times God delivered me personally from what ‘appeared’ to be certain death….

Black Power was — and is — real.  Reparations to Black people are past due and White America remains in default as the interest continues to climb and accumulate.  Yes, the sins of one generation do follow the next and generations to come….

BlackParentSpeaks and WE who are ‘Black’ represent the best of this country — WE are America’s conscience.  Remember that every question has an answer and every problem has a solution….

On the personal side, BlackParentSpeaks continues to be low-income while surviving on a fixed income and dealing with the everyday hassle of overdue bills, a nonworking car that is sorely in need of repairs, a phone in need of servicing, increasing hikes in rent and the cost of utilities, and more.  Simply put, the joys and expectations of this life are frequently never-ending.

Black Power!

‘Don’t forget our reparations’.

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We are all works in progress.

Undying love for Black people!