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About BlackParentSpeaks

Take your mind to the Black Movement of the 1960s and 1970s and you might be a tad bit familiar with Lulu R. Stroud, Secretary to Stokely ‘Black Power’ Carmichael (Kwame Ture) and the original DC Black United Front. Sister Stroud’s integrity, commitment, skills, etc. quickly moved her to become a recorder and depository of history. Along with assisting in organizing and initiating, Sister Stroud was a confidant to various people both ‘publicly’ in and out of the ‘Movement’. Lulu R. Stroud speaks firsthand truth.

Following her Oregon high school graduation in the 1960s, ‘Black’ Lulu R. Stroud was offered – and she accepted — a position as Secretary to the Comptroller of the Agency for International Development (AID) – sight unseen. The position with AID was located in Washington, DC – the nation’s capital. AID paid all of Ms. Stroud’s moving expenses, etc.

When Ms. Stroud physically reported to work in DC, however, Ms. Stroud was informed – within hours — that the ‘job’ did not exist. The Comptroller of the Agency for International Development told Ms. Stroud that a mistake had been made. Ms. Stroud was offered a move back to Oregon – all expenses to be paid by AID. (Note: On the q.t. Ms. Stroud was told that the agency folk did not know she was ‘Black’ when they offered her the job, and that was the actual reason she would not be working as Secretary to the Comptroller.) Ms. Stroud obtained legal counsel. Later, Ms. Stroud was offered – and accepted — a job with the ‘Black’ attorney (Julian Dugas) who ‘handled’ her ‘legal’ charges against AID.

During her years in DC, Lulu R. Stroud worked various jobs. Paid work included her time with Senator Stephen M. Young, Ohio. A little-known fact: ‘Astronaut’ John Glenn was ‘initially’ named by Ms. Stroud to eventually follow in Senator Young’s footsteps. Ms. Stroud’s time working in the Old Senate Office Building (OSOB) on Capitol Hill gave access and delivered over-standing to Black folk who otherwise likely would have been ignored.

While working for the Citizens Advocate Center in DC (with Attorney Edgar S. Cahn), Ms. Stroud assisted in coordinating the first HUNGER IN AMERICA report which documented hunger in Appalachia. And, during her work with the Neighborhood Development Youth Program, Ms. Stroud helped in establishing and providing employment, counseling, and other services to DC’s Black youth.

In the ‘Movement’, Sister Stroud worked tirelessly and never accepted a dime in payment. Rather, Sister Stroud gave time, energy, resources – including monies, knowledge, skills, and her life so that future generations could benefit. A true revolutionary Sister with organizational know-how and more, Sister Lulu R. Stroud was there. She epitomized and continues to reflect an ‘Undying Love for Black People’.

Sister Lulu R. Stroud is Black. Sister Lulu R. Stroud is Angry. Sister Lulu R. Stroud is a Woman.

About MsNaturalSoul

MsNaturalSoul, the daughter of BlackParentSpeaks, is a social critic and writer currently living in Virginia. After graduating as a 4.0 valedictorian from high school, she went on to obtain her Bachelors Degree in Honors Biology from Oregon State University (OSU). While at OSU, she protested the racism on campus and engaged in recruiting efforts to increase the enrollment of students of color. In September of 1998, she gave a nationally-televised speech at the Million Youth March in Atlanta on the topic of racism on college campuses. This led to an invitation to speak to Booker T. Washington High School students in Suisun, California. In February of 1999, MsNaturalSoul introduced Sister Souljah to the audience gathered at Oregon State University for Souljah’s speech on “Blacks and Education.”

MsNaturalSoul went on to obtain a Master of Public Health Degree in 2005 from Emory University where she wrote a thesis entitled “The Influence of Social Inequalities on the Views of African Americans Regarding Organ and Tissue Donation.” She obtained her Masters Degree in American Studies from the College of William and Mary in 2008, writing her thesis on “Performances of Black Female Sexuality in a Hip Hop Magazine.” She has given presentations on cultural constructions of Black female sexuality on the campuses of Emory University and the College of William and Mary.


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